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Limited liability company

You can find many sale offers of Ltd. companies with registered capital of CZK 1 on the web. Although it is in accordance with Czech law, the expected constitutive spendings would be at least CZK 30 000 even in the cheapest option, thus the company’s assets reach negative value already at the start of business. In order the starting a business correctly and still in full swing we recommend a minimum capital of CZK 30 000. You can pay the share capital yourself or with your assistance. The amount of the share capital is not limited by law, but during our more than 20 years of experience we have not met the requirement of the capital to be above CZK 1 000 000.

  • CZK 13 900 (+VAT) - the price at the capital of CZK 30 000 fully paid by you
  • CZK 16 900 (+VAT) - the price at the capital of CZK 100 000 paid with our financial assistance

Joint-stock company

Under Czech law, the registered capital of a joint-stock company (Inc.) must be of at least CZK 2 000 000.  Although there is a possibility to repay, at its foundation, only 30% of the capital, but the company cannot held general meetings until the capital is fully paid. You can deposit the share capital from your funds or with our assistance.

  • CZK 36 900 (+VAT) - the price if the share capital of CZK 2 000 000 comes from your resources
  • CZK 45 000 (+VAT) - the price if the share capital of CZK 2 000 000 is deposited with our assistance

No hidden charges

When buying a ready-made company with us you do not encounter any hidden charges. You can easily check its basic price on our online configurator. When you specify all parameters, the configurator will calculate the price of the company tailored for you on demand.

You can purchase also a ready-made company already registered as well (with identification number - IČ), but its reregistration on you means the second round of registration, so you pay for it more in comparison with the company tailored on demand.

Ready-made special

Check out the company's stock, and select any of offered Czech cities for location of company headquarter or choose one from a range of our additional services and thus make it easier to start your business.