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Why pay the overhead of your office space when you can rent headquarters with a much lower cost? We hire company headquarters in Prague or another statutory town based on contractual representation. What does it exactly mean? Under Czech law, anyone can take an advantage to be represented by a third party in its civic and business life. On this basis many business centers were established, where trading companies are present through their attorney - business center operator. In this simple and clever way, all legal requirements for headquarters are professionally met, but unlike virtual headquarters (that can be found on the web in a large amount), it is not just only a letterbox. Avantia Business Centre provides full service of company representative, which includes:

a) Regularly:

  • acceptance and redirection of paper mailings,
  • receiving visitors,
  • boardroom short term conferment

b) On demand:

  • conferring individual fixed phone line with operator (PBX service),
  • accounting service (very useful in terms of tax administration),
  • website provision (under Czech law website is mandatory for joint stock companies)
  • ensuring the conversion of letters into electronic form,
  • translation services and apostille clauses provision

Why have a headquarters in the big city? Professional approach of Prague and Brno financial authorities does not burden companies with unnecessary tax inspections dealing with trifles, because in cities there is hardly seen a personal motivation.

Headquarters in Prague

Address Price  
Vinohradská 2165/48, Praha 2 590 CZK/month More information
Petržílkova 2583/15, Praha 5 890 CZK/month More information
Kubelíkova 1224/42, Praha 3 590 CZK/month More information
Růžová 13, Praha 1 390 CZK/month More information

Headquarters in Bohemia

Address Price  
U dráhy 783/1, České Budějovice 390 CZK/month More information
Akademika Heyrovského 1178, Hradec Králové 390 CZK/month More information
5. května 159/15, Liberec 390 CZK/month More information

Headquarters in Moravia

Address Price  
Vídeňská 255/42, Brno 490 CZK/month More information
Čs. legií 18/145, Ostrava 490 CZK/month More information

Headquarters abroad

Country Address Price  
United Kingdom Ivor place 35, NW1 6EA Londýn 475 CZK/month More information
Germany Abbestraße 17, 10587 Berlín 1 690 CZK/month More information
Bulgaria William Gladstone street 3, 1000 Sofia 400 CZK/month More information
Poland Gwiaździsta 62, 53-413 Wroclaw 850 CZK/month More information



Cena s.r.o. při vlastním sídle 11 900 Kč (+ DPH).

Cena s.r.o. s ročním sídlem v business centru 20 180 Kč (+ DPH).

Základní kapitál splacen ve výši 100 000 Kč.

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