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Companies liquidation

Commercial companies come and go. Liquidation is the form of their demise. Liquidation can be voluntary when it is the decision of the General Meeting, or forced when it is the decision of court. The liquidation by its nature means company dissolution and settlement of all external relations - receivables and liabilities, as well as of internal relations - allocation of possible positive balance after liquidation.

During the liquidation of the company is a person exposed to considerable psychological pressure, which severely limits his ability to think and act rationally. Additionally, most business owners have not in this area the necessary experience and knowledge of laws, because nobody liquidates a company on a daily basis, which may have civil and criminal law consequences. If you want to avoid this, contact the professionals.

We will ensure the smooth running of liquidation

The liquidation process differs depending on whether it is only the public, it is not necessary to negotiate with creditors and debtors, because relationships are aligned, usually because the company is a long time idle, or whether it is private. In this case, it is necessary to negotiate with debtors and creditors. In both cases, proper bookkeeping is prerequisite that we can assure for you as well. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are here to answer all your questions and prepare the solutions tailored for you.

Price of public liquidation is CZK 48 000

Private liquidation depends on the volume of outstanding relations. Therefore, the price is constituted by an agreement based on the principles of financial advisory.


Cena s.r.o. při vlastním sídle 11 900 Kč (+ DPH).

Cena s.r.o. s ročním sídlem v business centru 20 180 Kč (+ DPH).

Základní kapitál splacen ve výši 100 000 Kč.

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