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Bookkeeping price list

1 500 CZK / month

Item Subject of the fee Price
1. introduction or acceptance of the accountancy up to 50 items CZK 1 500
2. processing of annual accounts or VAT returns up to 50 items CZK 1 500
3. fee for 51st and each other item      CZK 20
4. surcharge for processing of annual accounts CZK 1 000
5. processing of statement imposed by the state or requested by the client    CZK 500
6. preparation of documents for income tax returns CZK 1 500
7. first hour of representation before the office or a professional advisor, review of legal documents for accounting purposes CZK 1 000
8. each minute of advisory activities (all activities outside assessment of primary documents formal requirements, their entering into accounts and record keeping, unless the item 7)      CZK 10
9. registration of one employee    CZK 400
10. cancelling registration of one employee    CZK 400
11. processing of wages for one employee    CZK 250
12. minimum monthly payment for payroll    CZK 500
13. making copy of a statement or the equivalent output of bookkeeping    CZK 200
14. VAT registration if the client has zero turnover so far CZK 3 000
15. transfer of bookkeeping to another accountant features performances in items 2, 3, and 4  

This tariff is valid for customers with up to 5 employees. We do not ask any lump sum payment.

The term "item" here means the primary accounting document (invoice, receipt) or one payment declared on your bank statement, not a layman's rampant accounting entry. The same applies for more payments in one primary document, if they have different VAT regime, unless the user has submitted the listing.

VAT under applicable law will be added to the prices.

Client pays fee #1 when signing the contract, providing AVANTIA has taken over all existing accounting documents. The fee does not apply if AVANTIA has sold the company to the client, or has it founded for him.

The tariff is valid for financial accounting only (outputs for public statements); management accounting (by analytical centres) can be provided upon a special agreement.


Cena s.r.o. při vlastním sídle 11 900 Kč (+ DPH).

Cena s.r.o. s ročním sídlem v business centru 20 180 Kč (+ DPH).

Základní kapitál splacen ve výši 100 000 Kč.

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