The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the traditional commercial and financial center not only of Europe, but also in the world. Very stable legal environment from which it draws today's European equity law, the prestige and credibility of Dutch companies and geographic proximity not only to all the major markets of Europe, but also to major ports makes the Netherlands a great place to register your company. Do you want to move your business again a little further? With us, it is not difficult. We will arrange for you all the bureaucracy and permits, we will establish your company, and you can focus just on your business. In the team, we have a Dutch lawyer who will prepare founding documents tailored to your needs. The headquarters can be situated in our office in the business center of Amsterdam, where we also provide clients with bookkeeping and forwarding all mail. You have to just sign the papers, pay the invoice and we arrange for you all the rest. Doing business in the Netherlands has never been easier.


Cena s.r.o. při vlastním sídle 11 900 Kč (+ DPH).

Cena s.r.o. s ročním sídlem v business centru 20 180 Kč (+ DPH).

Základní kapitál splacen ve výši 100 000 Kč.

Registrovány jen volné živnosti.

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